Co-Curricular Activities


Within Saint Paul’s School, there are four houses to which all students and staff are allocated generally Siblings and relatives are placed in the same house. Students with staff support and involvement, compete for their house in a variety of sports & co-curricular activities.


Yellow, Red, Blue, Green

The school conducts and supports a wide variety of co-curricular activities for the students. Parents are urged to encourage their children, as the school does to select and participate in activities appropriate to their ability / skill level and interest. With obvious concern for their academic workload, there is no limit to the number of the activities for individual student involvement.

Training and preparation for co-curricular activities usually occur during the school day e.g. lunchtime, or withdrawal from class. For many students co-curricular or sports involvement at the school compliments their own weekend, club or community activities / interests.

School co-curricular activities fall within the following board groupings- camps; community; creative and performing art; Debating and public speaking; Learning area competitions and theme weeks; Special e.g. Chess, LOTE tours, Tournament of minds, School Production, Debutante Ball; Sport e.g. Athletics, Basket ball, Cricket, Football, Netball, Table tennis, Volley ball.

Saint Paul’s School participates in a variety of inter – school competitions conducted across the full spectrum of co-curricular activities.

Notice Board

  • This is with reference to the Circular No. CISCE/CIR/2020, dated 26th August, 2020) sent by the council, Government of India, Ministry of Higher Education is inviting applications for the Central Sector Scheme of Scholarship for College and University students (CSSS). Hence the students of our school who have been awarded pass Certificate after ISC (Class XII) can apply for the above mentioned Scholarship. The portal would be kept open for CSSS scheme till 31st October, 2020.

  • The school management is pleased to inform you all that the consideration of school fee for the session 2020-2021 has been made & is stated below. Nursery to Upper Kindergarten ₹ 1800, Class 1 to 8 ₹ 2400, Class 9 to 10 3000, Class 11 & 12 ₹ 3000 (for Science with computer) and 2400 (Arts & Commerce with Computer) , 1200 (Arts & Commerce with out computer). The above mentioned amount will be adjusted in the month of January 2021.

  • School office will be open from 8:30 am to 11:00 am. (Monday to Saturday)
  • Notice on 20.04.2020
  • NOTICE ON 31/03/2020
  • NOTICE No.: 92-SSE/20
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